A poem to read when I’m gone


A man escapes from Berlin’s Tempelhof refugee camp, but finds nowhere to go. Surviving from winter till summer, the exiled experiences nonetheless a loss of heart. Afraid to disappear, he speaks out-loud to combat his solitude, before asking a prostitute to carry instructions, a poem to read when he will be « gone ».

A poem to read when I’m gone (2019) is structured around several monologues delivered as our character is moving about in the circular topography of the Berlin marginal “outplaces”: from construction site to a cash machine, metro stations and the bare streets. The protagonist is not an archetype stating the horrors of clandestinity: instead he speaks, thinks and challenges us in an original language; broken, subversive, traumatic, to tell what it feels like to be locked outside within the transparent walls of fortress Europe.

Original title / A poem to read when I’m gone
Type / Single channel
Country / Finland, Germany
Shooting format / Red 7K HD
Duration / 00:29:00
Language / English
Sound format / Dolby Surround 5.1
Year / 2019
Camera / Katharina Diessner; Isabel Alvarez
Sound Design / Pelle Venetjoki
Lead actor / Korkmaz Arslan
Production / Palo Productions
Executive Production Manager / Elisa Rosi
Funders / TAIKE, AVEK, VISEK, Alfred Kordelin Foundation


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